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Automotive Cyber Security.

​With the advent of the connected or autonomous vehicle, automotive networked systems have an ever increasing feature generated bandwidth requirement and a connectivity requirement that necessitates internet connectivity.

Even if the computation power of the thousands of sensors and actuators can be securely processed on-board, there are potential significant advantages for off-board cloud or edge cloud processing especially if 5G or LTE communications provide low latency and reliable cover. As the vehicle user requires more data rich telematics, rapid internet data access and increasingly sophisticated safety systems and ever increasing autonomy, the prospect of Vehicle to vehicle communications, Vehicle to infrastructure communications and vehicle to device communications necessitate, elegant, efficient, reliable, secure and safe communication protocols.

If your vehicle has or either proposes a hybrid of existing architecture and future technology you need the assurance that the design or implementation is secure without affecting safety.

EP90group can perform a discreet and sensitive, multi vector test that goes beyond ‘old school’ penetration testing, or vulnerability scanning – we can provide a state of the art test programme to meet your requirements from whole vehicle testing to individual subsystem or component level testing for security.

Don’t understand modern or future vehicle network architecture? We can provide tailored training to take your staff from basic to advanced automotive network knowledge. 

Need existing engineers to integrate security by design? We can train staff for more than merely considering security, we can train them to develop test plans in the functional and safety testing project plan that captures insecurity at the earliest stage – reducing re-development and re-engineering costs. 

Need your supply chain to assure security beyond a trust statement? We can provide you with independent discrete testing to proved assurance that your suppliers have credibility when they declare security requirements are met.

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