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Protect driver privacy and physical safety 

Strengthen your automotive security and protect your fleet against the latest vulnerabilities. Our experience includes:

Automotive Cyber Security and Resilience Assessments – utilising Attacker-in-the-loop methodology

  • Component assessment
  • Sub assembly assessment
  • Whole vehicle assessment
  • After-sales product evaluation
  • Post production assessment
  • Intra and extra vehicle system assessment

Automotive Network Training

  • Classroom and kinaesthetic training 
  • Zero to hero understanding of automotive networks and security
  • Legacy to future architecture
  • Bespoke packages

Commissioned Research

We regularly undertake doctoral and post-doctoral research in automotive cyber security. This is available for both commercial and private commissioning and is tailored to your requirements.

Lab Facility and Tooling

  • Compact, discreet laboratory for hire
  • Blueprint and HIL rig design available
  • Hardware and software 
  • Rig tools are under-development to assist with security assessment projects
  • EMC and Faraday facility for hire 
  • 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G network testbed  

Vehicle Forensics

  • Passenger, Haulage & Plant
  • Intelligence and evidential opportunities
  • Vehicle architecture

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Vehicle Security Assessments

Individual (operational and bespoke) or fleet solutions
End to End solutions
We are experienced operating through an asset’s entire lifecycle and our services feed into full end to end fleet management.

Specify: We can work with you to set high level and detailed asset requirements, including cost benefit analysis, service design and service value (availability, adaptability, necessity, operational relevance, usability and affordability) across a range of financial models.
Design: We can design systems, policies, guidance and components to meet requirements or evolving requirements, and have a long history of specialist asset manufacture and project management.
Procure (Build, Adapt and Convert): We can procure assets, project manage the entire process and bespoke build, adapt or convert in line with your requirements and maintenance plans, (excise and insurance as well, if required).
Manage: We can provide full in-life service schedule and delivery. Not only the implementation of factory service schedule, updates, settings and consumables, but recalls, bespoke service schedules, diagnostics and prognostics to ensure that any asset is operational for the maximum utility. Within Manage we can undertake regular TSCM and cyber hygiene assessments and undertake the pre- and post-security assessment if or when an asset is out of the controller’s control. We refer to this as the cyber valet
End of Life disposal. When end of life is agreed, we securely ensure that all sensitive data and information is removed from an asset, such that an Operational Security Advisor (OpSy) is satisfied and an organisation’s environmental commitments are upheld.